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We are experienced in all fixed income sectors including:
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Mission Peak Capital is an independent capital markets company dedicated to providing transparency, risk solutions, and investment guidance to owners of fixed income securities and loans.

We are highly experienced in evaluating the underlying risks of complex debt securities. We assist in valuation, due diligence, credit assessment, accounting, investment policy development, and portfolio strategy. Our team consists of credit, accounting, mortgage, banking and technology professionals with global banking, credit, and executive management experience.

Mission Peak Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor.

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  • Provide investment advice and strategy to investors in complex debt securities.
  • Evaluate portfolios for credit, liquidity and interest rate risk, and provide capital solutions for community banks, investors and their associated regulatory bodies.
  • Provide analytical support for bank management’s use in determining whether securities are investment grade.
  • Assist banks in risk-based capital calculations.
  • Provide FAS 157 valuations for management’s use in determining OCI and OTTI impairment.

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Aug 10 , 2012

Municipal Bond Ratings Downgrades Accelerates

Moody's downgraded 290 municipal issuers in the second quarter of 2012. This is the most in any quarter since 2000, and the 14th consecutive quarter in which downgrades have exceeded upgrades. ... more...

Jun 07 , 2012

Proposed Regulatory Capital Q&A

The Federal Reserve proposed a rule that would require banks to hold additional capital. The proposed rule is consistent with the Basel III accord. ... more...

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